Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long live the Captain...

There's not a single doubt in my mind that there are a million posts up about Michael Jackson's death. It's tragic really. What's funny is that when I first heard about it from Maggie, I didn't think much of it. I thought it sucked, but what did it have to do with me. As I sat and watched the coverage during my lunch break, they started showing images of Michael as a kid and it really made me think about what the guy must have gone through. Obviously, there is no way I'll ever know, but try to imagine being as young as he was enjoying the up sides of fame... and the down sides of it. Being responsible for the well-being of his family and all the expectations... No one will ever know what went through his head, but it made me feel sad. Then I remembered how much I loved Michael Jackson as a kid. Not to the extreme as most people and I wouldn't even claim to be a fan... but as a kid, I remember that I loved watching 'Captain EO' at Disneyland. How he turned the bad people into good people with his 'spirit fingers'. The robots were the coolest. I really had a blast watching Moonwalker too... I used to have the video in my drawer and I can't seem to remember who let me barrow it... and the 'BAD' video was super fun... when he turned into the stop-motion rabbit... Thriller, Bad, Billy Jean, Beat it... good stuff. I guess maybe I lost touch as I grew up... plus there's the fact that he didn't look the way he did as I remembered him as a kid... all the weird stories that went around... with all that, his music trascended all of it! He's certainly a legend in his own right and it will be interesting to see his music live on many years from now. Well, life goes on and soon, we will all pass too.

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