Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello new friend...

Well, I was gonna hold off for a year to purchase a new car but I ended up going to the dealership and drove home with a new one. Recently, my bro got into an accident and totaled his truck, which I was planning on using to take my bike to the track. He ended up getting a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe so I no longer have a way to get my bike to the track when I finally hit a track day. So I've been thinking a lot about purchasing a truck... it wouldn't have been a smart move but I figured it would be good to have one for the bike and since I'm doing a little more out door climbing now, I'd be able to use it whenever needed to get up some off-road trails... after toying with the idea a bit, I decided it would have been much too expensive for an actor to do such a thing. The $3000 I'd be spending on insurance a year alone could pay for acting classes and the monthly payments (probably of about $400 - $500 per month) could be used towards things such as head shots, more training, etc... things that would contribute to my chosen career path.

Anyway, Chris, Peter, and I all decided to go check out trucks anyway and luckily, they did not have the Toyota Tacoma I was looking for. Chris left for work and Peter and I trekked over to the Honda dealership... with NO intention of buying... just test driving... but one thing lead to another, we sat in the cubicle and started wheeling & dealing. The down payment and monthly payment seemed like a good deal and I went through with it. Peter and I ended up driving home that night in a brand new 2009 Honda Fit. I had a post where I said good bye to my old friend, my 1997 Honda Accord... so I thought it was FITting to say hello to my new friend. Everyone seems to like it and most importantly, I like it. I like that it's very practical and very chill at the same time. This will definitely be there with me during auditions and stuff when I finally move my ass out of my parents house. Well, here it is, my new friend!!!

I'm a die-hard Yamaha Motorcycle loyalist... but when it comes to cars, I love my Honda's... I think their engineering is far superior to American and European brands. My Accord treated me so well that I had to go with another Honda. I'm definitely glad that I did.

It's 2am right now so I'm going to bed... however, wait a little bit and I will show you how cool and practical the Fit really is!

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