Friday, January 28, 2011

Goals: 2011

I didn't sit down and write a list of goals for 2011... but here's what I have so far in no particular order:

1. Get a legitimate website up... I'm kind of working on one of my own, but I do not have the patience or discipline to learn how to do it... this needs to change.

2. Book a commercial... national would be nice!!!

3. Get a solid reel together to post

4. New headshots with postcards

5. Send out more thank you cards!

6. Do 3 plays but two that are not with hereandnow Theater Company

7. Find a good scene study class that works for me

8. Find a manager... not sure on this one... but it's there and I'll keep my eyes open!

9. Internship somewhere in the industry... preferably in a casting office

10. Wake up at 8am, Monday - Friday... it's not going so well... but I'm working on it!

11. Write some type of a short story

12. Develop Secret Identity Crisis

13. Book 5 short films for my reel (3 down... 2 to go)

I'll add more as the year goes by.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Have I Done For Me Lately???

2011 is the first official year that I am pursuing my acting career without the burden of worrying about school or anything else. Acting is now my priority and 2011 is going to be the year that I use to build a strong foundation of work... I must say, it's off to a good start... but I gotta stay hungry. I'm eager to learn and build, build, build. Below is a list of steps I've taken towards my career... let's watch this bad boy grow!!!

4/2011 Shooting "Heart and Soles" with director/writer Yudho Aditya
2/2011 Shooting "Greener" with director/writer Kyle Lau
2/2011 Voiceover for "Blade of Solitude" with Eric Marks
2/2011 Shooting "I Like it Rare" with director Jay B. Julio from CSULA
2/2011 Shooting pilot for "Rock This" as Marcus
1/2011 Started improv classes at Second City with Rebecca Sage Allen
1/2011 Continuing my personal education with a Shakespeare literature class
1/2011 Photo shoot with Keith Park for State Farm
11/2010 Performed in a Hereandnow production in Wichita, Kansas
10/2010 Filmed "Night Shift" with director Christopher Kurose from USC
9/2010 Table read for "A Love Like This"
9/2010 Invited to join Hereandnow Theater Company
8/2010 Performed in Boba Stories with Hereandnow Theater Company
7/2010 Cast in Boba Stories with Hereandnow Theater Company
6/2010 Signed with Angel City Talent Agency
5/2010 Table read for a Matthew Barry & Nick Cassavettes project
2009 Booked: SGI print job
2009 Booked: Apple print job
2008 Filmed: Music Video with director Eric Marks from USC
2008 Filmed: Before I Wake with writer/director Eric Marks from USC
2008 Filmed: One Hour Fantasy Girl with writer/director Edgar Michael Bravo