Thursday, March 3, 2011


I had the opportunity to be involved in a short film that shot over the weekend called "Greener." It was written and directed by Kyle Lau and I do have to say that he is truly inspiring. A young man who wrote something and got it financed, produced, and shot! Although the script was cut down from it's original size do to budget reasons, it is still amazing what was accomplished over the course of the weekend. Kyle had a professional crew (many, if not all, UCLA film students or alumni) that worked around the clock to make sure that his vision remained his vision. But Kyle was very open to input from the cast and crew and over the short weekend, we all had fun and developed a type of cohesive unit that I'm sure many other film crews don't have. I'm not trying to sound corny or anything, but honestly, Kyle had his shit together and even though I personally didn't have a big role in the film due to the cuts, I wanted to make sure to give it my all the entire time... and it seemed tough at times because Saturday night, although I thought I was prepared for the 39 degree weather, I was not. I underestimated how cold it would be and I couldn't feel my toes, my fingers, my ears, or anything else for that matter... but you know what? I don't have a complaint except I didn't come prepared and that was my own damn fault.

I'll tell you, we had a big rumble scene where two crews went at it. Even though it was professionally choreographed by the stunt coordinator Steve Rizzo who has doubled for Seth Rogen in such films as "Observe & Report," "The Green Hornet," and "Pineapple Express..." we still got our asses kicked from rolling around on the ground, throwing punches, and receiving "stunt" punches... and I can't stop thinking how incredible it is to be on a film set. Anyway, as carefully choreographed as the fight was, there were accidents galore. Two crews that were supposed to hate each other... the tensions rose when Kyle called action and you let emotions run high and the next thing you know, I punched Kyle Garibaldi across the chin. We were professionals and both stayed in character but as soon as Kyle (Lau) yelled out cut, I had to go make sure that Garibaldi was okay and man, he handled it like a champ. He certainly got his pay back though because the next day, he punched me across the nose and yep, you guessed it, I bled!!! Again, we were both pros about it and stayed in character... the camera was on us at the exact moment so I had to milk it and turn to the camera, blood and all!!!

Speaking of the next day... I came super prepared with thermals on, gloves, an extra layer of clothing underneath, and everything else! You would have thought I was getting ready to go on a trek into the mountains of the Himalayas or something.

The overall experience was wonderful and it's a simple reminder of why I am in this business. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy being a part of a story... especially one that was dear to Kyle. There wasn't much acting involved for me, but watching the other actors work and watching Kyle work has certainly contributed to my growth as an actor. There's a cast and crew party this Thursday I hope I can make it to and I'll be looking forward to seeing the movie in a few months as well!

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