Friday, February 18, 2011

So far...

2011 is good so far... I'm really enjoying my Shakespeare class and it feels good to be back in school without all the pressure of graduation... I've even toying with the idea of going back and completing an English degree... but for now, I want to focus on my acting career. For obvious reasons, Shakespeare has always intrigued me, call it an excuse, but I just never had any time to sit down and read it... or the formal training or patience to understand it. With this class, I'm 'forced' to read it and I love it. I know in some way or another, it's a direct contribution to my craft as an actor. To be able to read Shakespeare and understand it makes reading or speaking 'regular' English so much easier! That and the fact that we are dissecting the characters and the themes helps me add to my process as an actor. I'm glad I took it.

The State Farm shoot was fun. Simple. I got to use some of my rock climbing skills even though it had nothing to do with rock climbing. I'm excited to see the pictures when they come out. Somewhere in Asia, I will be seen... now let's work on America! I had a broad goal of booking something with Angel City... this was a start... but I'm hungry for more.

I've been prepping for "Heart & Soles" and I have been thinking about Harper a lot. It's an important project for me because the script touches me in a way that I cannot explain. As an actor who currently lacks a process and who is in the process of learning (always), this piece is challenging to me. Plus, it's important to the director/writer Yudho so it's that much more important for me. I'll keep you all updated on it as the time comes nearer to shooting.

Two months into the year and I haven't booked a play yet... 10 months to go! There's a wonderful feeling I get from being on stage that makes me love what I do even more. The rehearsal process, the development of the characters, how everything eventually comes together... I've gotta rock every audition I go on and I'm gonna find a more solid monologue than the one I've currently got.

Improv at Second City is fun, fun, fun. It makes me feel like I'm a kid again, you know? You come in, strip all the cares in the world away and play. As an actor, this is so important to me... to be able to not judge and go with whatever your scene partner is giving you. It allows you to create organically and it brings out the creative side of me even more. Which I need to develop. I'm excited about taking the follow-up class.

My reading has been suffering... although I currently count my readings for my Shakespeare class as reading... but I have to read. I want to read. My thirst for knowledge is un-quenching. I'll finish 'Outliers' and move on to another book!!!

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